Sprint Retrospective 3

The main things we did for this sprint were dealing with the database connections along with cleaning up code and setting up docker. More specifically we learned how to connect the database to the rest server. We chose JDBC to do this. After that we coded the connection. Next we converted the endpoint and the whole rest server to use the database using JDBC. This was done by creating a class to access the database containing a method for each one of the endpoints. Then making each endpoint call the corresponding database access class method. 

At the same time other members of the group were installing docker and doing tutorials for it. Along with reading about docker. After that we each tried to write our own docker files. That went fairly well. So we got the angular app is-registered running in docker container. Along with the angular app register running in docker container. In addition to the rest server running in docker container also the get database running in docker container. After that we worked on cleaning up the code for the is registered app. We also worked on cleaning up the code for the register app. We also figure out how to call another endpoint from the rest api. We did this using the web reactive framework. After that we started working on connecting the docker containers. We tried creating our own bridge and using the container IP’s we also tried using docker compose and using the container names and IP’s. none of this worked and the angular app was still getting CORS errors. The connection to the database couldnt connect either. We tried talking to the other teams about it but we were still unable to get it to work.

For this spring I personally focused on the rest server and the docker connections.  First I looked at what another team member had one for connecting the database and worked off of that to finish it and add methods to it to do all of the operations on the database that were needed. Next I converted all the endpoints in the controller to use the method that i created in the database access class. After that I worked on learning how to call the update modules endpoint. I learned about the web reactive framework and it seemed to be good. I was able to call one of our endpoints from another as a proof of concept. However i was having trouble understanding how the update groups endpoints worked so i moved on to the docker connections after that. I spent the rest of the sprint trying to get the docker connections to work. I first created the docker file for the rest server. Then I tried manually creating a bridge and connecting the rest and angular containers and running them. Then I tried using docker compose. Neither worked. That was all I did for the sprint.

I thought overall the sprint went well. I think we did a good job with the planning meeting. I also thought we did a good job with working together on connecting the database to the rest server. I also thought we did a good job using zoom to work on stuff together. I thought we should have communicated closer when we were all working on docker stuff. I feel like we just all worked on it independently and didn’t really talk about what we had tried and what progress we had made. As a team we could improve on communicating when more than one of us is working on the same issue. As an individual I should have done a better job of communicating my progress on the docker communication.


The register guest service


The docker compose file


The work on connected the docker container in the is-registered app


The work on connected the docker container in the register guest service

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